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Sha| Bhra| Shree Chandrashekhara Shivacharya Mahaswamiji

His holiness late Sha| Bhra| Shree Chandrashekhara Shivacharya Mahaswamiji was born to most relegious and pious parents shri Basavalinga Shastriji and Smt. Basavalingamma in the year 1892 of Nandana nama samvatsara in the holy month of Karathika. His holiness Sha| Bhra| Shree Chadrashekhara Shivacharya Maha Mahaswamiji was a great lover of humanity therefore he travelled across Karnataka taught the people the importance of education, relegion, literature, tolereance and also despel blind beliefs and superstitions. Thus through out his life his holiness preached and practiced the principles of veerashavism to uplift the downtrodden. His life itself was a message to devotees and his holiness was the embodiment of Jnanadasoha, Annadasoha and Dharmadasoha.

Sha| Bhra| Shree Chandramoulishwara Shivacharaya Mahaswamiji.

The Parents of His holiness Sha| Bhra| Shree Chandramoulishwara Shivacharaya Mahaswamiji. were Shri Shivashankarayya and the mother Smt Siddamma who brought him up in the cultural and religious background. His holiness had his Primary education at Nagatihalli Basapura and Highschool education at Harapanahalli, had his intermediate education at Yuvaraja college Mysore and obtained his degree from Banumayya college Mysore. Finaly His holiness got M.A. in Philosophy from Karnatak University Dharwad. In addition to this formal education, he studied the Vedas and Sanskrit in Sutturmath Mysore and Bangalore. His holiness was coranated as the Pontiff of Tegginamatha of Harapanahalli on 6-2-1973 in the holy presence of Late Shrimadrambhapuri Veera simhasanadheeshwara Jagadguru Veeragangadhara Shivacharya Mahaswamiji of Balehonnuru Peetha. Then the economic condition of Tegginamatha was not sound enough. His position as the Pontiff of the Tegginamatha gave him a turning point in his life journey.

Sha| Bra| Shree Varasadyojatha Shivachary swamiji

The New Pointiff of the present Tegginamatha of Harapanahalli His holiness Sha| Bra| Shree Varasadyojatha Shivachary swamiji. earlier name was Shri Pramod devaru. His Parents were Shri Chennaveeraswami & the mother Smt. Nagarthnamma. His holiness was born to holy parents on Satarday 24-4-1993, Shrimukha nama samtsara, Rohini nakshatra, Charana 1 Shuklapaksha at Nagatibasapura village of Huvinahadagali Tq. of Bellary Dist. His holiness was coronated to the Tegginamatha as a new pontiff under the new name Shri Varasadyojatha swami on monday 23-11-2015 Swasti shri vijayabhyudaya Shrimanrupa Shalivahana shake 1937 Shri manmathanama samvatsara Kathika masa, Shukla paksha dakshiyana, Sharad vruthu, dwadashi Thithau, revati nakshatra, bramhi muhurtha from 4-10 to 5-50 at Tegginamatha. He was given Guru Pattadhikara with Brahmopadesha and Panchamudra and honoured with a crown on his head.

Vission And Mission

To be the most student centered college, working to inspire empower and nurture our students so that they grow strong to be successful individuals with 21st century skills.

Inspire our children to be passionate life long learners through a curriculum with pedagogical integrity which allows them to always inquire, innovate and contribute in meaningful way to society.